:::ABOUT US:::
Madni Exports Private limited is a comapny engaged in
manufacturing and exports of textile fabrics and made-
ups.The owner of the company themselves have the
privilege of specializing in this field and having several
years of experience in the textile sector. Originally the
business was established as a sole proprietorship in
the year 2009. Th evolume of the business grew
gradually until it necessitated forming into a limited
company. The company has made strides and shown
excellent performance in the recent years through new
development made-out from jacquard fabrics and in this
regard we can proudly say that we are specialists in
jacquard. In fact our products grace the shelves of
retailer in global market.
The management and worker relationship is examplary skilled and dedicated work force is employed in line with the compan's objective to meet the customers requirements. Company's men and machinery remain busy in production to meet the precious ambitions of luxury people according to their developing ideas round the clock.

More sophisticated stitching facilities are available. To ensure the quality standard at every stage of production we stitch our selves to give our valued customers more choice an satisfaction.

Mopdern wadding plant of 120 width with capacity to produce fine quality wadding for comforters and quilts . Complete ballfibre making unit with recovery above 90% for use in cushions, Floor cushions, pillo cases and neck rolls. Sophisticated single/multinnedle quilting with varities of design.
Industry Focus Bedding Set ,Pillow Ticks ,Quilt ,Sheet & Cover.

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